Wisdom Teeth Removal for Adults

Should adults get their wisdom teeth removed?

There’s no better time like the holidays (when you get a few extra days off) to schedule a minor oral surgery—like that wisdom teeth extraction you’ve been putting off. The pesky set of third molars were fine for a while, but now, after they’ve erupted, you know you should really have them removed, whether due to crowding or decay.

Most of us just have a month left of our yearly insurance benefits. Use them up before they reset in the New Year. Take advantage of what’s remaining before time runs out and your insurance company gets to keep those dollars that could be well spent on your oral health.

Add wisdom teeth removal to your wish list for Santa. Consider it a gift to yourself. You deserve it! If you’re an adult with your wisdom teeth still intact, here are 5 reasons to have them removed this month!

Wisdom teeth cause pain

adult wisdom teeth removalWhen you were in your teens, your wisdom teeth seemed to be just fine, causing you no problems, so you decided not to bother with having them removed. But now, as an adult, you’re finding they’ve begun to cause you some discomfort. That’s normal. Chronic pain is one of the top reasons patients have their wisdom teeth removed. They are famous for pushing on neighboring teeth and nerves. Often, there’s simply no other way to relieve the pain.

Wisdom teeth cause infections

Perhaps, your wisdom teeth have only erupted partially. It is common, but when this happens, a pocket forms along the gums that can catch food particles and bacteria. Brushing and flossing don’t always provide proper cleaning, and infections can grow in the pockets and spread to teeth and gum tissue. If not treated immediately, these infections can lead to serious complications.

Wisdom teeth cause cavities

When a mouth must accommodate 32 teeth, there’s little room left to get in and clean each one properly. In fact, brushing and flossing the hard-go-get-to areas is sometimes impossible. That’s why tooth decay is common in wisdom teeth and their neighbors. If you wait too long, it might not just be your wisdom teeth that need to be removed. Have them extracted before they damage the adjacent teeth.

Wisdom teeth cause misalignment

Have you noticed that your once-straight teeth seemed to have shifted and no longer line up nicely in your mouth? The culprits? Could be your wisdom teeth. There’s typically not enough room in your mouth for 32 teeth. They may have come in comfortably in your teens, but as we age, our teeth shift, moving toward the front of our mouths, causing even more crowding. The force of your third molars in the back can prompt additional movement. Removing your wisdom teeth helps to reduce the potential for needing braces later on.

Wisdom teeth are generally covered by dental insurance

Schedule this routine out-patient surgery before the New Year—while you are off work for the holidays and can take the time to heal. Remember the unused funds don’t roll over, so it’s important to use them while you can. Book that appointment now, so you can use next year’s benefits on other treatments.

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