Oral Surgery and Dental Implants & Dental Implants Services in Tampa and Westchase

Your Tampa Bay Oral Surgeon

Welcome to the Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants where we have made it our mission to provide excellence in healthcare without compromising quality or service to our patients. Board Certified Dr. Ernesto Valiente and our excellent team members have been serving Tampa, FL, and the surrounding communities with exceptional care, ranging from wisdom teeth removal and bone grafting reconstruction to dental implant placement, for more than 15 years.

As we continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment and innovative new technologies, we strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to comfort and safety. Our experienced and courteous team members are highly trained in assisting with all surgical procedures, ensuring you experience the best, most comfortable, and convenient care possible.

What Sets Us Apart

We use leading-edge technology and techniques to ensure only the best results.

  • 3D Imaging Technology—precision in treatment planning
  • Piezosurgery—increased accuracy and minimal discomfort
  • L-PRF—promotes healing
  • SMART bone grafting—minimally invasive procedure
  • Bilingual Oral Surgeon, including team members·
  • All team members are trained in Advanced Anesthesia

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