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Ah, summer—the season of beach reads, lazy afternoons, and carefree moments. It’s also the ideal time for wisdom teeth removal. While the thought of oral surgery might seem at odds with the joys of summer, there are several reasons why summer is the perfect time to remove problematic wisdom teeth.

Flexible Scheduling

By scheduling the procedure during the summer, you can take advantage of the natural break from work or school obligations, allowing yourself the necessary time to rest and recover without impacting your daily routine. This increased flexibility makes it easier to find a convenient appointment with your oral surgeon. You won’t have to worry about juggling work or school commitments or rushing to fit in the procedure during busier periods. Summer offers the luxury of time and scheduling options, ensuring a smoother experience for wisdom teeth removal.

Avoiding Academic & Work Interruptions

For most people, wisdom teeth extraction requires a few days of limited activity, swelling, discomfort, and dietary restrictions. Students often prefer having their wisdom teeth removed during the summer to avoid potential academic interruptions. By getting the procedure done before the start of the school year or during summer break, students can ensure a seamless recovery process without the added stress of missed classes or falling behind on coursework. Adults with vacation time or a more flexible work schedule during the summer months find it easier to take time off for the procedure and recovery.

“Enjoying” Recovery

Ok, maybe you won’t “enjoy” recovery, but summertime can certainly make it less unpleasant. Summer weather often beckons us outdoors, and recovering from wisdom teeth removal during this season can be a more enjoyable experience. Resting and taking it easy after the surgery is essential, so take advantage of the opportunity to soak up some fresh air. Relaxing in your backyard, reading a book, or enjoying a gentle stroll in nature can boost your mood and aid in healing. Just remember to avoid intense physical activities or excessive sun and heat exposure.

Ready for wisdom teeth extraction

Dr. Valiente and his dental care team strive to make every wisdom tooth removal procedure as comfortable as possible, minimizing the impact on your routine. If you or your teen have been putting off wisdom teeth removal, it’s time to make that appointment. You’ll return to work or school with a healthy, comfortable smile. Contact our office at Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants Office Phone Number (813) 968-5400 to schedule a consultation.

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