If you’re missing a tooth and wondering if it’s really worth your time and money to replace it with a dental implant, we know the feeling. You’re already inconvenienced, embarrassed, and even a little stressed about the predicament of having a gaping hole. Your smile and eating habits have been hampered, to say the least. You need a fix, but a dental implant sounds like a massive endeavor and expense. Is it worth it?

Here are the reasons we believe dental implants are worth every penny you spend and every minute it takes.

Here for the Long Haul

A key benefit of a dental implant is its durability. The titanium screw of an implant fuses with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, securing it in place forever. Talk about a permanent solution. On the flip side, the moment a tooth is lost, the supporting jawbone begins to lose structure and deteriorate. The fusing of implant with bone provides much needed stimulation to keep the jaw healthy and the smile long-lasting.

The Root of the Matter

Dental implants don’t just replace the part of the tooth that we can see above your gum line, but they replace the root of your tooth as well. By acting as a root, the implant increases your chances of avoiding bone loss. Healthy bones mean heathy smiles.

Eat Your Heart Out

Since dental implants function and feel like your natural teeth, they require exactly zero dietary restrictions. Dentures that slip and slide can put a strain on your normal eating habits while implants offer the freedom of eating anything and everything. This goes for speaking too. When it comes to a full set of permanent teeth, nothing compares.

The Real Thing

Perhaps the biggest perk of getting a dental implant for many of our patients is that the tooth replacement doesn’t actually look like anything but your real tooth. Without question, it looks and functions so naturally that no one but you will know that the implant isn’t the real thing.

The Price of Going Without

Did you know that dental implants last 2-3 times as long as bridges and dentures? That means the upfront expense translates to a better investment over time. In fact, the implants end up paying for themselves. The truth is, in terms of longevity and cost, dental implants can’t be beat.

Is dental implant surgery worth all the trouble? When it comes to durability, appearance, and functionality, dental implants are arguably the best option out there. By choosing dental implants, you’re choosing the long-term option that can last a lifetime.


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