Recipes for New Dental Implants Patient

Dental Implants are incredibly powerful and stable once healed. They give you back the ability to eat virtually any food you choose.

What to Eat the First Two Days Following Implants

after oral surgery recipesThe first two days after surgery, you must eat only soft or liquid foods, this may include applesauce, refried beans, Jell-O, smoothies, milkshakes, pudding and mashed potatoes.  Try to avoid very hot liquids or food, and crunchy, spicy, tough, and sticky foods for the first week. Do not drink using a straw and do not chew on the area the implant was placed, this can interfere with the healing and cause the implant not to fuse to the bone. Do not smoke or drink alcohol at this time.

What to Eat on Days Three to Seven

You are still on a soft diet, but you can start to add texture at this point. Macaroni, soft cheeses, cooked vegetables, omelets or scrambled eggs, bananas, soft tofu, ground beef, fish, and finely chopped meats are a good start. After the first week, you can begin going back to your normal diet, but be cautious about items like potato chips, nuts, caramel, or hard candy for the first month.

Soft Food Recipes

It is easy to get bored quickly when on a soft food diet, without textures and spices to keep things interesting.  This makes it challenging to get enough nutrients. Be sure you include plenty of protein in your soft food diet to keep your strength up and help your body heal. We have provided links to some flavorful and nutrient-rich recipes, making your recovery time enjoyable despite food restrictions.