What to expect when you get your wisdom teeth removed

As you get ready for your wisdom teeth removal, it is imperative that you read this guide that we’ve prepared for you.  Remember wisdom teeth removal is a common, routine procedure. Take a deep breath and rest assured there is nothing to worry about. If you’re well prepared, the recovery will be smooth, and maybe even fun.  Here’s what we recommend you do to prep:

How to Eat

Don’t—Eat or drink the morning of the procedure or for eight hours before the procedure. Pre-approved medications may be taken with a sip of water. Don’t use straws or tobacco throughout the healing period. Using straws can dislodge the clot that is covering your extraction site, resulting in a very painful condition called “dry socket”.

Do—Stock up on smooth, pureed, soft foods, such as, ice cream, apple sauce, soup, Jell-O, yogurt, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, smoothies and oatmeal, ahead of time. After the surgery, start with clear liquids and progress to soft foods slowly.

How to Get Around

Don’t—Arrive unaccompanied to surgery or plan to drive home by yourself. In fact, we will not proceed with surgery or release if you are by yourself.

Do—have your companion plan to stay for the duration of the procedure (usually about an hour). Also  arrange for a responsible adult to remain with you throughout the day.

How to Hang Out

Don’t—plan to exercise, go to school, work, or even get caught up on homework or housework.

Do—rent some movies and find a cozy spot on the couch to rest. Feel free to sleep the day away.

How to Manage Pain

Don’t—worry about feeling any pain. We offer a variety of levels of anesthesia to accommodate personal preferences. We are trained and highly experienced with administering anesthesia and will provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. You won’t feel a thing.

Do—Make sure you have pain medications (over the counter and prescription, if necessary) ready to go for when the anesthesia starts to wear off at home. Also, make sure you have ice packs on hand in your freezer.

Being prepared for your wisdom teeth removal just comes down to taking a few simple steps ahead of time. And your recovery experience depends on it. Prior to surgery, we will send you home with very specific pre and post-surgical instructions so that you know exactly what to expect.

You are in expert hands at Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. If you have any remaining questions, check out the information we’ve provided here or call us today and speak with someone in our office 813-968-5400