Important Information Regarding COVID-19

An Update from Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

Our team at the Center for Oral Surgery remains diligent about our practices of health safety during the COVID-19 crisis.  We take the highest level of precautions to prevent the spread of infection, including the new coronavirus. On the afternoon of Friday, March 20th, our governor, Ron DeSantis, signed the Florida Executive order 20-72 that mandates we only see patients with emergencies, pain, infection or those who may be at risk of developing a serious condition if untreated. The expiration of this order is May 8th unless something different is directed by the State.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about an upcoming appointment or your oral health needs. At this time, we are open for emergencies and urgent care. Our new business hours during this time are Monday through Friday 10:00 am-2:00 pm.

Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

For further information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links: