Cost of Dental Implants in Tampa

How much does a dental implant cost?

The short answer is it depends.

What does it depend on?

  • the location of the implant in the jaw
  • whether the bone has been reabsorbed and requires bone grafting
  • any other health conditions that might cause complications
  • the cost of the actual implant and crown
  • the doctors experience and expertise
  • whether it is a covered or non covered benefit in you dental insurance policy

Placing a dental implant requires a number of steps, generally involving several professionals.

  • Examination
  • Extraction
  • Bone graft or site preservation
  • Placing the Dental Implant, the titanium tooth root
  • Placing the crown
  • Office visits, x-rays, pre- and post-surgical care

Single implants can range in cost for $2,000 – $3,000, but circumstances can drive that higher. Full-mouth Reconstructive Dental Implants can run for $24,000 to $50,000 or even more for a total implant rehabilitation on a patient with no teeth.

Continuing Cost of Bridges and Dentures

While Bridges and Dentures are less expensive at the outset, you should consider that both options have sometimes considerable continuing expenses. Bridges, by their structure, cut down the neighboring supporting teeth – which can lead to weakness and repeated treatments. Dentures cannot preserve the jaw bone the way dental implants can, so the jaw shrinks as the bone is reabsorbed. This causes ill-fitting dentures and repeated rounds of re-fitting and re-placing with no support of the external soft tissue structures leading to cheeks and lips caving in resulting in an elderly facial appearance. Over a lifetime, dental implants can be the cost-effective as well as esthetic choice.

Financing for Dental Implants

First, check with your dental insurance carrier to see what portion, if any, of dental implants they cover.

There are health care credit companies that offer no-interest and low-interest loans for medical procedures including dental implants. See our Financial Policy page for more information.

Dental Implants are an investment in your health as well as your appearance. A full set of teeth makes eating a pleasure again, making it easier to eat a balanced, healthy diet. A full set of teeth also preserves the contours of the face, keeping you from looking aged before your time.

You’ll want to discuss all your options with your dentist and oral surgeon, but don’t let the initial cost discourage you from getting Dental Implants.

Revitalize your smile! Discover the confidence of dental implants. Schedule now for a brighter, complete you.

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